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To add information to Climbapedia, you have to log in. Any registered user can add information, and a history is kept of who has made changes. Please take care to ensure the information is as accurate as possible, or if you are not sure, make notes to that effect.

The following types of content can be added:


  • A cliff that has routes, either sports climbs, or traditional climbs. You must first add the crag, before you can add routes to it.


  • A route is connected to a crag, and so, make sure the crag exists first
    • On crag topos the following colour system is used, based loosely on the colours of pistes on ski maps. On sport climbs the French grading system is used wherever possible, most areas are familiar with this system. A comparison table with other systems is provided.
      • 01  - Blue routes. Easy. A route between grade 1 and French 5c+ (Traditionbal climbing - up to VS). Most people can aspire to routes of this difficulty
      • 06  - Red. Middle grades. a route between 6a and 6c+ (Trad HVS - E2). Some experience and lightness/fitness necessary to get up these routes
      • 07  - Black. Hard. A route between 7a and 7c+ (Trad E3 - E5)
      • 08   - Yellow. Off piste. Only for the best climbers. A route of 8a or above (Trad E6 and above)
    • O or     Indicates a belay or lower off point
    • P Parking


A scramble is an "easy" climb, one that can usually be done without a rope, although you might want one with you for safety.


A skitour is just what it says, a tour on skis,often to the top of a mountain, and sometimes with an overnight stop in a hut

Climbing Wall

An artificial wall, originally for training, although nowadays climbing on "plastic" has become an end in itself.


  • A photograph is always linked to a crag, scramble, ski tour or climbing wall.

Grading Systems

Climbapedia uses different grading systems according to the type of route selected:

  • Sport Climb: the French grading system, which seems to be the most universally accepted 

  • Traditional Climb: The British adjectival system is used. Note that the technical part of the adjectival system (e.g. 5c) is not the same as the French sport grading system, even if it looks the same. See the table below for comparison

  • Boulder problem: The fontainbleau system is used. Again this looks very similar to the French sports grading system, but is not the same. To differentiate a capital letter has been used, so "6B" for bouldering, vs "6b" for sports routes
  • Scramble. A system loosely based on the UIAA system has been used. I, II, III or IV. If it is harder than that, then it is not a scramble!
  • Ski tour: The Swiss / German system has been used.