Leonidio Mars

A tufa ridden crag of beautiful red limestone, Mars is a paradise for those who like strenuous stalactites and walls. The walk in is a little exposed, involving two roped sections, but the ledge under the crag is comfortable.

Greece - Leonidio
Rock Type
South East
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick
01 Black Hole 6b+ 32m
02 Super NOva 6c+ 40m
03 Spiders from Mars 6b+ 35m
04 Biosphäre 6b 35m
05 Glamour on the rock 6a+ 30m
06 Glamour on the rock direct 6b+ 30m
07 El Gecko 6c+ 20m
08 Yoko M-ono 7a 22m
09 Jumanji 6c+ 25m
10 Snickers 7b+ 35m
11 Humidity lesson 7c 35m
12 Speckschüttel Dyno 7c+ 38m
13 Boubouki 6b+ 20m
14 Boubouki extension 7a+ 38m
15 Movtki, oto Tmpi 6b+ 20m
16 Movti extension 7b 38m
16b No name 6b+ 20m

climbs the tufas between the first parts of Movtki and Spacemen

17 Spaceman Spiff 6c 20m
18 Spaceman spiff extension 7b 35m
19 Mystére et boule de gomme 6c+ 35m
20 Mystére et boule de gomme extension 7b+ 38m
21 Chuck Notis 7a+ 20m
22 Chuck Notis extension 7c 38m
23 Chuck Notis further extension 8a 52m
24 Lost in Space 7c+ 40m
25 Oeil de biche 7c+ 40m
26 Oeil de boeuf 8a 40m

go up and right after the third quickdraw of Oeil de biche

27 ESA 6a+ 20m
28 ESA extension 7c 35m
29 The beast in the beauty 6c+ 25m

goes straight up after the 7th quickdraw

30 NASA 7a 30m