A nice looking crag, situated at the top of a hill, the routes at Cubells are up to 30m in length and one of the few cliffs in the Balaguera area that give (relatively) low grade as well as mid grade routes. The routes are predominately wall climbing on good quality limestone. The grading is tough. The crag itself is beautiful with magnificent views over the Lleida plains to the south, and numerous vultures, falcons and other birds to see.

Spain - Balaguer
Rock Type
Number of routes
Range of Routes
5b to 7a
South East
Climbing Area

Sport and bolted routes

Topo Ref Route Sport Grade Length Quality Description Tick


01 Lo Patagon 6a 15m
02 Lo Siberia 6a+ 15m
03 Raskakekasca 6a 15m
04 Si Corre Ventolera 5c 15m
05 Serak Esquerdat 5c 25m
06 Raska de Nebraska 5b 25m ***

The obvious arete. Enjoyable

07 Born to climb 6c 20m
08 Block Age 6c+ 20m
09 Arapajoe 5c 25m
10 Apache 5c 25m
11 Fuerza y Garra 6c 20m
12 Sang i Fang 5b 10m
13 Rock Dur 5b 10m
14 Karacul 5b 10m
15 Panzas 6b 25m
16 L'Escudella 6a+ 25m
17 CARP 6a+ 30m
18 Nixto 5b 15m
19 Aigua als Ordis 5a 15m
20 Cacauets Calvet 5a 10m


21 Arc de Sant Marti 5c 25m **
22 Ultimatum 6a+ 25m **
23 New Manguis 6a+ 25m
24 SIS 6b 25m

same finish as Manguis

25 I lons Susan left hand 6c 25m **

Left hand start to I Lons Susan

26 I Lons Susan 6c 25m

Through the caves to finish up the wall

27 Cascarilla 6b+ 20m
28 El Tio de la Bota 6b 12m **

A tricky wall climb to the cave

29 Sorsonagger 7c 20m

The extension to El Tio

30 Roigenc 7b 15m
31 Albinix Graells 6c 15m


32 Unknown 6a 25m

On the left arete of Placa Gran are 3 routes. This left hand one starts up the gully

33 Espero Pompero 6a 25m
34 Aleix 5c 25m

The long arete. Harder than it looks. The right hand finish is 6c+

35 Esos Temblores que to Dan 6c+ 25m
36 Ladron de Roles 7b 25m
37 Rumasa 6b 15m *

The obvious right trending weakness. Tough in the grade.

38 Ultimos Metrillos 7a 13m

Technical slab climbing

39 Kin Palmillo 7b 25m
40 Project
41 Project
42 Los 50 del Lupas 8a 25m
43 Gute sex machine 7a+ 15m
44 Juga jet set 7a 15m
45 Julian Forever 8a 30m
46 Evix d'Esterrix 8a+ 25m
47 Manjo Carn 7b 30m
48 To Tri 7a 25m
49 Amics del Pock and Roll 6c 20m
50 Burilada 6b 20m

BRAILLE. The buttress just right of Placa Gran

51 Tres i No Res 5c 10m

At the left hand sector of the Braille buttress

52 Toma Tila que es Fina 6a+ 15m
53 Escales de Padri 5c 15m
54 Cacha Piruli 6a 15m

A hard move low down, then easier

55 Versio Original 6a+ 20m

Climb through the fissure with an old birds nest in it

56 Siscu 6c 20m
57 Stick Destroy 6c+ 20m
58 Frio Yo Nunca 6b 20m **
59 Cola Cao 6c+ 20m
60 Dedos al Borde de un Ataque de Tendonitis 7a 20m
61 Arnoleta 6b+ 20m
62 Tarzan de los Ramos 7b 20m
63 La Guerra de las Galaxias 6c+ 20m
64 Tremolins Matutins 7a+ 25m
65 Oscar Botargues 7b 25m

The last line on the buttress