Aiguille du Chardonnet - Forbes Arete

The traverse of the Forbes arete to reach the summit of the Aiguille du Chardonnet is one of the classic climbs of the Alps. Never really difficult technically, it is nevertheless long, sustained and exposed. Full alpine equipment is necessary. 

France - Mont Blanc
IV - technical climbing
From the Cabane du Trient the approach is about 5km across the glacier. The climb up to La Bosse is 400m or so. The ridge itself climbs from 3703m to 3824m and is 600 to 700m long
Time required
From the Trient hut to the foot of Aiguille Forbes takes about 1h 30 minutes. Allow 1h 30mins to reach the ridge, and rhen up to 5 hours for the traverse, 3 hours for the descent back to the hut. An early start (3am) is recommended.

Overnight accomodation and starting point is in either the Cabane du Trient or the Albert Premier hut

Map of scrambles and alpine climbs